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    Trenchless World Congress 2017 is the trenchless industry’s highlight of the year..

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    Trenchless World Congress is a well established forum for the international community to meet..

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    Trenchless World Congress 2017 will include a comprehensive Conference programme..

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    Trenchless World Congress is a well established forum for the international community to meet..

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Trenchless Technology, drawing recognition in all corners of the globe

Trenchless World Congress 2017 takes place at Plaza Mayor Conference and Exhibition Centre on 25th to 27th September 2017. This event gives attendees an opportunity to see first-hand the latest the industry has to offer and to learn about the application and operations of a wide variety of trenchless products, and services directly from company experts.

Trenchless operations in Colombia

Important projects currently using Trenchless Technologies are happening in Colombia, with over due sewer and water pipes of more than 50 years old. This brings a focus and requirement for Colombia to increase the Countries CIPP, Pipe Bursting, Microtunneling, Ramming, and Auger Boring, Close Fit Slip lining, Impact moling and Directional drilling. The CISTT are a multidisciplinary Institute of individuals and organisations interested in environmental issues and services in the areas of "Trenchless" and Infrastructure Technologies, and Colombia has an 18 year history of utilising Trenchless Technologies with local and foreign enterprises. Colombia gathers together the Spanish spoken countries in Latin America, a community of more than 400 million people, offering great potential and opportunity for Trenchless Technology business, whilst serving as an academic platform for professionals, students, universities, designers and consultants.

You can expect to see employees from affiliated organisations, as well as Senior Management, Directors and Managing Directors. The event expects to attract leading exhibitors, local and international contractors with the best of technologies adapted for local conditions, along with a substantial body of experienced municipal engineers, their consultants and contractors. Visitors from other regions include Latin American Professionals, Consultants, Contractors, plus business influences from Central America, the Caribbean, South America, Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador, Peru, Mexico, Chile, Venezuela and Puerto Rico.

Trenchless World Congress 2017 is organised on behalf of CISTT and by Westrade Group Ltd

In 1985, Westrade Group organised the first ever INTERNATIONAL NO-DIG Conference & Exhibition in London, in conjunction with the Institution of Public Health Engineers. After this show, the ISTT was born, and Westrade have continued a close working relationship with the ISTT over this 31 year period.

Westrade have managed events, covering every aspect of event planning and delivery worldwide in Australia, West Africa, South Africa, Mexico, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Manila, Korea, Vietnam, Bangkok, Brazil, Colombia, Shanghai, Cairo, Abu Dhabi, as well as a number of European cities. They are experts in Trenchless Events, Sales and Marketing, with access to a vast network of industry associates and clients. The company have established International contacts and excellent relationships with delegates and exhibitors, and a proven history of excellence in sponsorship acquisition.

Trenchless World Congress 2017 will include a comprehensive, exciting conference programme, including a short courses programe delived by industry experts. This is in collaboration with the International Society for Trenchless Technologies (ISTT.) We look forward to meeting all industry colleagues in Colombia, where we can combine our knowledge and skills, therefore providing a showcase and forum for exchange of information and experience in the application of trenchless technologies for the public benefit.






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